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Environmental Initiatives at UVMHN-CVMC

Central Vermont Medical Center is striving to be the first hospital in Vermont to achieve the coveted ENERGY STAR® designation.

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In July of 2010, CVMC embarked upon an Energy Savings Initiative (ESI) to significantly reduce its consumption of energy and to be the first hospital in Vermont to achieve the coveted ENERGY STAR® designation established by the Environmental Protection Agency for superior energy performance.

The Energy Savings Initiative involves the commitment of hospital executives, departmental staff and partners Liebert Engineering, Inc., Efficiency Vermont, and Control Technologies to reducing energy consumption across the hospital.

Hospitals are very energy-intensive environments with a multitude of distributed energy loads. CVMC has focused attention on nearly every energy-using system across its campus, prioritizing and implementing improvement opportunities in a structured and aggressive manner.

Major projects include:

  • Upgrade of hospital lighting to more efficient technologies
  • Engagement with IT staff to utilize power management software on computers
  • Installation of a Templifier (heat recovery from chillers for summer hot water loads)
  • Focused effort to optimize the performance of air-handling (HVAC) systems
  • Action upon staff energy-savings ideas

Our Results

CVMC has reduced energy consumption by 26%—unprecedented for a Vermont hospital—improving CVMC’s Energy Star score by over 40 points. The hospital has set a public goal to achieve ENERGY STAR designation, which is expected in mid-2015 based on current trends, in addition to emerging as a leader among Vermont hospitals by demonstrating what can be achieved through effective energy management practices.

Cost Reductions 

  • Electricity costs reduced $175K annually
  • Fuel oil costs reduced $270K annually
  • ROI = 2.1 years (for all projects)

A $920K net investment by CVMC over the past five years has led to $440K in measured annual cost savings.  These reduced expenses translate into $29M in equivalent new revenue each year.  

Chart showing Energy Star Score from 2010 to 2014


Chart showing CVMC's Oil Usage from 2011 to 2013


Chart showing CVMC's Electricity Use from 2010 to 2014