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Reports and Publications

A comprehensive listing of reports, publications and other documents from UVMHN-CVMC.

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Quarterly Financial Statements

PDF Icon September 2015 Financial Statement (pub Dec 2015)

PDF Icon June 2015 Financial Statement (pub Sep 2015)

PDF Icon March 2015 Financial Statement (pub June 2015)

PDF Icon December 2014 Financial Statement (pub March 2015)

Hospital Report Card

PDF Icon 2015 Budget and Financial Information

PDF Icon2015 Hospital Governance

PDF Icon 2015 Hospital Governance

PDF Icon 2015 Quality Initiatives 

PDF Icon 2015 Complaint Process 

Additional Reports/Policies

PDF Icon Patients Rights and Responsibilities

PDF Icon Integrity and Compliance Plan

PDF Icon HAP Financial Aid Policy


Community Health Needs Assessment

PDF Icon 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment

CVMC Annual Reports

PDF Icon FY2013 Annual Report (pub September 2014)

PDF Icon FY2012 Annual Report (pub August 2013)

PDF Icon FY2011 Annual Report (pub August 2012)

PDF Icon FY2010 Annual Report (pub August 2011)

Cancer Program Annual Reports

PDF Icon 2015 Report of Cancer Program Activities for 2014 (pub July 2015)

PDF Icon 2014 Report of Cancer Program Activities for 2013 (pub September 2014)

PDF Icon 2013 Report of Cancer Program Activities for 2012 (pub September 2013)

PDF Icon 2012 Report of Cancer Program Activities for 2011 (pub September 2012)