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Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission at Central Vermont Medical Center

Central Vermont Medical Center works collaboratively to meet the needs and improve the health of the residents of central Vermont.

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Our Mission

We work collaboratively to meet the needs and improve the health of the residents of central Vermont.

Our Vision


CENTRAL VERMONT MEDICAL CENTER will be viewed as a significant community asset; a high-performing, high-quality, safe and reliable, community- focused, and cost-effective organization where staff, physicians, volunteers and patients are enthusiastic about services delivered through a model community health system.

IT IS OUR ONGOING COMMITMENT to understand and meet the changing health needs of the central Vermont community.

AS A MEMBER OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT HEALTH NETWORK, we are part of an integrated network of health care providers developed to meet the full continuum of health care needs in a predominantly rural environment.

WE COORDINATE CARE through communication and collaboration to improve the health and satisfaction of our patients and communities.

CENTRAL VERMONT MEDICAL CENTER remains a charitable organization. Its Hospital, Woodridge Rehabilitation and Nursing Home, National Life Cancer Treatment Center, and Medical Group Practices exist solely for the benefit of the community.

Our Values

COMPASSIONATE HIGH QUALITY, SAFE AND RELIABLE CARE: We are dedicated to caring for all of the ill, regardless of ability to pay, and promoting wellness in our community through continuous improvement of the care we deliver.

HIGHEST OF ETHICAL STANDARDS: We will respect each patient’s rights and interact with patients and the public with the highest of ethical standards.

COLLABORATION: We work together with the The University of Vermont Health Network and other health care providers, payors and state agencies to provide for the health care needs of our local and regional communities.

TEAMWORK: We promote a work environment that is characterized by open communications, fairness, accountability, culture of safety, trust and mutual respect.

COST EFFECTIVE: We are committed to maximizing effective use of our resources.

TEACHING AND LEARNING FOR TOMORROW’S NEEDS: We are affiliated with teaching and learning institutions, such as The University of Vermont Medical Center, in order to provide a clinical experience for medical, nursing and other students in training. We offer an innovative environment committed to improving the quality of health care through the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge.

COMMUNITY BENEFIT: We exist solely for the benefit of the community and are committed to the ongoing improvement of our services as the needs of our communities change.