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We welcome your questions and feedback. See our frequently requested phone numbers, our complete phone directory, or fill out our online form for general questions.

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To contact your provider's office, use the Phone Directory below or login to our Patient Portal. If you do not know the name of your provider’s office, use our Provider Directory to look up your provider's name and telephone number.
Billing Questions Contact Patient Financial Services at 802-371-4392 or use our online form.
Human Resources Contact Human Resources at 802-371-4191.
Give Us Feedback Contact our Patient Advocate at 802-371-4350 or CVMC.Patient.Advocate@cvmc.org or use our online forms to share a concern or share a compliment.
General Questions If you have a general question, please fill out our online form.* **

*Questions submitted via this form are sent to an administrative department and are checked only during normal business hours. This form is not intended for questions that are medical in nature or to make or cancel appointments.

**We will not respond to unsolicited marketing or sales emails.

Get Medical Advice Contact your primary care provider (see Provider Directory). If you do not have a primary care provider, please use our use our Provider Directory to find a provider. If you need help finding a primary care provider, call 802-371-5972.
MEDICAL EMERGENCIES If you are having a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1 immediately.

Phone Directory

Click on the service name for more information about that service. If you do not know the name of your provider's office, use our Provider Directory to look up your provider's name and telephone number.

Switchboard (Main Number) 802-371-4100
Find-A-Provider Line 802-371-5972
Admissions/Patient Registration 802-371-4283
Administration 802-371-4105
Human Resources 802-371-4191
Patient Advocacy/Patient Complaints 802-371-4350
Patient Billing 802-371-4392
Financial Counselors 802-371-4209
Medical Records 802-371-4213
Media Relations 802-371-4375
Adult Primary Care - Barre 802-479-3302
Adult Primary Care, Hematology & Oncology 802-225-5400
Ambulatory Care 802-371-4329
Anesthesiology 802-371-4329
Birthing Center 802-371-4299
Cardiac Rehabilitation 802-371-4322
Cardiology Medical Group 802-225-5660
Cardiology Testing 802-371-4283
Care Management 802-371-4357
Central Vermont Treatment Partners 802-371-4875
Chaplaincy 802-371-4376
Community Health Team 802-225-5680
Dermatology 802-223-6169
Dermatology 802-371-4280
Emergency Department 802-371-4264
Endocrinology 802-225-3980
Endoscopy Unit 802-371-4329

Berlin: 802-371-4239
Waterbury: 802-241-1532

Family Medicine - Berlin 802-225-5810
Family Medicine - Mad River 802-496-3838
Family Medicine - Waterbury 802-244-7874
Family Psychiatry 802-225-1266
Gastroenterology 802-229-9144
Granite City Primary Care 802-479-2546
Green Mountain Family Practice 802-485-4161
Hospitalist Program 802-225-1743
Infectious Disease 802-371-5320
Inpatient Psychiatry 802-371-4316
Inpatient Rehabilitation 802-371-5341
Integrative Family Medicine - Montpelier 802-223-4738
Laboratory 802-371-4113
Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) 802-371-4875
Neurology 802-225-5650
Nutrition and Food Services 802-371-4150
Occupational Medicine

Berlin: 802-225-3944
Waterbury: 802-371-6402

Occupational Therapy 802-371-4242
Oncology and Hematology 802-225-5400
Orthopedics & Podiatry 802-225-3970
Orthopedics & Sports Medicine 802-225-3970
Orthopedics and Spine Medicine 802-225-3970
Palliative Care 802-371-5372
Pediatric Primary Care 802-371-5950
Physical Therapy 802-371-4242
Radiation Oncology 802-225-5820
Radiology 802-371-4250
Rehabilitation Therapy 802-371-4242
Renal Dialysis 802-225-7033
Respiratory Therapy 802-371-4315
Rheumatology 802-225-1750
SBIRT 802-225-5685
Speech Language Pathology 802-371-4242
Spiritual Care 802-371-4376
The Center for Breastfeeding 802-371-4415
Urology 802-371-4820
Women's Health 802-371-5961
Woodridge Rehabilitation and Nursing 802-371-4712

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