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Patient Financial Services

Our Patient Financial Services staff are here to help patients and their families understand their bill, work with their insurance companies, or to make other payment plans as necessary.

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Central Vermont Medical Center is a not-for-profit institution. We rely on payment for services provided to patients in order to remain open. The individuals in our Patient Financial Services department are here to help patients and their families understand their bill, to work with their insurance companies, or to make other payment plans as necessary.  A financial representative is located on the first floor near the main lobby for your convenience.

Our Services

CVMC's Patient Financial Services staff can help you with:

  • Financial Assistance with a sliding scale based on income and level of charges after insurance payment.

    HAP Financial Aid Application
    HAP Guidelines

  • Applications and information about Vermont State health insurance programs such as VHAP, Medicaid, Dr. Dynasaur, Crime Victims Compensation, Lady’s First health screenings.
  • Monthly payment arrangements for patients who are unable to pay their balance in full.
  • Prompt pay discounts for patients who can pay their balance in full prior to or upon receipt of the first statement.
  • Insurance coverage questions
  • Liability settlement questions
  • Estate/Probate questions
  • Estimated Charges for planned services

To learn more about your bill, click here.

Government-Assisted Programs

GreenMountainCare.orgThe State of Vermont’s Green Mountain Care is a family of low-cost and free health coverage programs for Vermonters. Green Mountain Care provides uninsured Vermonters with access to quality, comprehensive health care coverage at a reasonable cost.

Programs include Catamount Health, Vermont Health Access Plan (VHAP), Dr. Dynasaur, Medicaid and a number of pharmacy assistance and premium assistance programs.

Together, Green Mountain Care programs equal the most comprehensive group of state-based health coverage programs Vermont has ever seen. Learn more about these programs or find answers to questions you may have about what program may be best for you by visiting www.greenmountaincare.org.

Vermont Health Connect

If you are an individual or own or work for a small business, Vermont Health Connect is where you should go to enroll in a health plan. 

If you are currently enrolled in VHAP or Catamount, your coverage is ending December 31, 2013. You should have received a notice in the mail telling you if are eligible for expanded Medicaid coverage, or if you need to enroll in a private plan through Vermont Health Connect. Financial Assistance is available for most Vermonters who buy a health plan through Vermont Health Connect.

For information about plans available through Vermont Health Connect, please visit vermonthealthconnect.gov

For more information about Medicaid or Dr. Dynasaur, please visit Green Mountain Care.