Financial Assistance

Whether you need help understanding your bills, working with your insurance companies, or experience difficulty paying your medical bills, Central Vermont Medical Center is here to help you.

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We understand that a diagnosis of cancer can place a tremendous financial burden on many families. While some patients may simply need help understanding their bills or working with their insurance companies, other patients may have difficulty paying their medical bills.

How We Can Help

Financial stress can interfere with the healing process at a time when taking care of yourself should be your number one priority. At CVMC we have staff available to help ease this burden.

Please take advantage of the following resourses available at CVMC:

  • Financial Counselors: Our Patient Financial Services staff are here to help patients and their families understand their bill, work with their insurance companies, make payment plans, apply for financial assistances, and more. To contact a Financial Counselor, call 802-371-4209 or email them at CVMC.PFSDept@cvmc.org.

    More information about financial help at CVMC can also be found at:

  • Patient Navigator: Our Patient Navigator is specially trained to help cancer patients who have trouble meeting daily needs, such as transportation, rent, food and other basic services. Our Navigator will connect you to various community resources made available by state and community health agencies and organizations.