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We invite you to take a glimpse at your Pregnancy and Childbirth experience at CVMC.

Reception area of CVMC Women's Health Practice

Welcome to Women’s Health

Our obstetrics and gynecology practice provides a full spectrum services from family planning to prenatal visits to delivery. From our receptionists to our nurses to our board certified obstetricians, we are here to support you and your growing family all through your journey.

Nurse consulting with patient during prenatal visit

Prenatal Visits

Your first prenatal visit is typically scheduled between your 8th to 10th week of pregnancy, At your first visit, we will take a full health history, including health conditions, family history, medications, and provide you with an official due date. To make an appointment, call us at 802-371-5961.

OB/GYN consulting with patient during prenatal visit

Board-Certified Obstetricians

Our board-certified obstetricians are with you every step of the way to guide you through your pregnancy. They work with you and your family to provide you with options and support needed to optimize the health of you and your baby.

Ultrasound of baby that shows close up of face


Seeing your baby is one of the highlights of a pregnancy! We do an ultrasound for everyone at the initial visit in order to confirm a due date and another at around 20 weeks. Additional ultrasounds depend on the needs of each patient. Our skilled ultrasound technicians and radiologists give you both a great experience and the medical expertise needed to evaluate the health and wellbeing of your baby.

Decorated belly casts hanging on wall of CVMC Birthing Center

Belly Casting

Belly Casting is for mom’s who want to create a keepsake of their pregnancy. Castings can be made at any stage of their pregnancy. For mom's who want to turn their casting into a beautiful masterpiece for display, we have sample castings decorated by other mom's in order to provide you with inspiration.

Private rooms at CVMC Birthing Center

Private Birthing Room Suites

Our Birthing Center was built with you in mind. Private rooms, labor tubs, views of Spruce Mountain, and room service are just a few of the amenities. No need to worry about what to bring; we offer all items needed for mom and baby for their stay on our unit.

Couples sitting at childbirth education class

Childbirth Education Classes

Get to know other families from your community going through pregnancy at the same time as you. The educator of the class is skilled in helping you learn though hands on education about birth and they provide you with a tour of the unit. Classes are in 7 week sessions.

To register call 1-802-371-5901 and leave a message. View upcoming dates.

Nurse checking on mom-to-be in birthing center.

Working as Your Team

Our skilled nursing staff works with the OBGYN and your family to facilitate a team approach and give you the labor experience you’re looking for. We are skilled at pain management and helping you make decisions that are right for you. We offer many non-medicated options, from just being in the room for you or helping you in the tub or labor, as well as medication that eases labor pain.

The choice is yours.

Nursing checking newborn's heart

Skilled and Knowledgeable Nursing Staff

Nursing staff on the Woman and Children’s unit are both friendly and knowledgeable. They communicate with you along the way, working to assure that you have a great experience and provide your growing family with the skills needed for a worry free stay and transition home.

Nurse returning newborn to crib in new mom's private room

Staying close to your baby counts!

Since bonding with your baby during the first few days after birth is imperative to the baby's growth and development, our birthing center is designed for optimal time between your baby and you. Your baby stays in the room with you and we encourage skin to skin contact with mom and dad to help facilitate secure attachment.

Nurse holding newborn

Caring Nurses

Many of our nursing staff are or are working towards certification in their field. With extra education in the area of labor and delivery our nurses are proud to be part of labor and delivery RN certified programs. In addition there are nurses certified in lactation and in midwifery on our unit. We have a diverse and caring nursing staff who are educated to support you and your family.

Two nurses gathering information from new mom holding her baby

We Involve You in Every Decision

We strive to provide each person the best care, in the right place, at the right time, every time. During your hospital stay the best way to do this is for our staff to check on you (or your family member) frequently.

Please do not hesitate to ask your nurse any questions you may have about rounding or anything else.

Mom with newborn snuggled under her shirt

Breastfeeding Support

Our skilled lactation consultants work full time seeing you before, during and after your stay with us to assure that feeding your baby is off to the right start. No matter how you chose to feed your baby, know that our lactation services are there for your family to answer questions and promote health for you and your little one.

Learn more about our Center for Breastfeeding.

Moms, dads and baby's at one of CVMC's Breastfeeding Support groups

Breastfeeding Support Classes

We encourage you to come back to one of our evening breastfeeding support classes called Bosom Buddies. Whatever your breastfeeding or mothering questions may be, they will be acknowledged and supported in a relaxed and caring environment, through peer and professional support.

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