Bob Lizzari

For Montpelier resident Bob Lizzari, having a transitional place to live and focus on rehabilitation and getting stronger following foot surgery was a key component to his recovery.

Bob Lizzari developed an ulcer on his foot, a complication from diabetes, while in Florida, where he lives part time of the year. “The doctors told me that I would most likely lose my foot,” said Bob, who decided to have it taken care of back home in Montpelier.

After a successful surgery with Dr. Bean of Green Mountain Orthopaedic Surgery, who was able to save Bob’s foot, Bob settled into his room at Woodridge for eight weeks of rehabilitation, and to discover a world of incredibly professional and caring individuals. “It was so rewarding to see the dedication of all in the performance of their duties,” said Bob. “The concerns and pain of the patients showed in their faces as well as the happiness of success."

And it was more than just the clinical staff that impressed Bob. The house keeping staff (for keeping his room clean and bed made), food service (for catering to his many special requests), and all the behind the scenes people who made his life so much easier were all on Bob’s list of people who he simply wanted to say: “Grazie, grazie, grazie!”

And the icing on the cake? After returning to his home, Bob got a phone call on his birthday from one of the nurse’s aid who simply wanted to wish him a happy birthday.

“God bless (and a big hug too) for making my stay at Woodridge pleasant and successful,” said Bob. “I sincerely hope that I will never have to return as a patient, but I am happy to return as a visitor.”